“Understanding how actives interact with the skin and each other is crucial in achieving the best skin outcome. Yet, the science is often missing amidst the noise.

- Co-Founder, Dr Shauna Tan

Dr Shauna Tan

  • MBBS (Singapore)
  • Certificate of Competence in Aesthetic Dermatology, Aesthetics Practice Oversight Committee (APOC)
  • Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

As someone who understands the struggle of conforming to social norms of the ideal appearance, Dr Shauna knew early on that she wanted to have the skills to help others improve their appearance and confidence. Having a strong grounding in plastic surgery and aesthetics medicine gave her insight into common skin and aesthetic concerns.

Beyond the surface, many of these cosmetic concerns impacted patients’ self esteem, body image and often negatively affected their confidence. They turn to makeup to conceal their insecurities, but are often left dissatisfied. Realizing this gap and seeing first hand the impact this had on her patients, Dr Shauna decided to work on creating products that nurture one’s skin to help her patients get over these insecurities and let them glow with confidence even when they are barefaced.

A philosophy she practices herself, she believes the secret to healthy skin is simple, effective products, minimizing makeup application and the right diet and lifestyle.